AYE is Las Vegas' premiere luxury plant-based edibles brand. Founded by Master Vegan Chef Stacey Dougan and brother William "Bilz" Dougan, AYE celebrates the beauty & natural healing power of the cannabis plant & the earth from which it originates.  We create healthy cannabis infused food to help heal the mind, body and soul.

From this, the AYE brand was created.

AYE has several meanings, the most common being "Life" and "Earth” in the West African language, Yoruba. The name AYE was chosen to represent the royalty of West Africa, a region where cannabis grows abundantly.
Chef Stacey lived in Ghana, West Africa for two years, and while there discovered her last name, Dougan, has origins in Cape Coast, a city home to the Cape Coast Slave Castle. Many in that region speak Yoruba. Therefore, the AYE brand has a personal connection to Chef Stacey's family namesake.


Dehydrated Kale Chips 

(10 mg/serving)
8 oz container - $15 (3-4 servings)
16 oz container - $30 (6-8 servings)
Ingredients: Kale, spices, sea salt, THC olive oil

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies 

(10 mg THC/cookie)
Half Dozen - $30
Dozen - $48
Ingredients:  wheat flour, turbinado cane sugar, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt, chocolate chips, almond milk, THC coconut oil

Tincture Bottles 

(20 mg THC/serving)
.5 oz - $40 (15 servings)
1 oz - $65 (30 servings)
2 oz - $95 (60 servings)
Ingredients:  Everclear grain alcohol, cannabis extract



The AYE brand is centered around community and education.  We offer exclusive events for novice and experienced cannabis connoisseurs looking for a unique culinary experience.  We strive to teach consumers about the healing, medicinal and spiritual benefits that are unique to plant-based cuisine and the cannabis plant.  Contact us to curate your next premium cannabis wellness event.

Make sure you get on events mailing list info@ayebrands.com
as all events are 21 and older and by invitation only.

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